Organized in 30 minutes

NPN post about cleaning fast!

Creative bookshelf organizing via Real Simple

The Psychology of Clutter

A very thoughtful piece about why we hold onto things we no longer really need and more.

Spring Cleaning and eBay

Well it’s almost that time of year to start clearing out closets and bookcases and more. Some things always go to storage, while others should be donated and others still can be sold.

Why am I suggesting this? I always find that there are some purchases that either no longer fit, or I haven’t used. You don’t want to give them away. You other choice is an online auction site like eBay.

It’s very easy to do. Take a nice picture of your shoes, coat, drumset, etc.
Then post it on eBay with a little information and you are in business.

To attract buyers, start bidding at a reasonably low price and keep your shipping costs free or low. I usually keep my auctions at about 10 days. The really interested buyers will come running at the end of an auction to get great deals.

Yes! I exercised my heart out! #quote #future #self 

Yes! I exercised my heart out! #quote #future #self 

Handbag Insert: The easiest way to change bags

Hey Ladies! You have lots of bags and purses…Wouldn’t you like to be able to just pull out an insert and plop it in another bag?

In seconds you are ready to go out the door and hit the town running with another glamourous bag on your arm. Just put your essentials into the insert and then move it from purse to purse.


Good quote! #qotd #quote #quoteoftheday #instalove #instaquote #believe #do #think #dream #dailyquote #love #favorite

Good quote! #qotd #quote #quoteoftheday #instalove #instaquote #believe #do #think #dream #dailyquote #love #favorite

Shop Your Closet Before You Shop at a Store

Happy New Year, Everyone!

One basic way to avoid clutter in your closets, is to take an honest inventory of your closet. Go through your clothes and get shopping. I’m sure there are things in your crowded closet that you have forgotten about entirely. There are gems and dunces in your inventory. Toss the dunces and keep the gems. Find your favorite charity and make their day!