Giving Away Gets Rid of the Clutter

What if clutter was ruling your life and you didn’t even want to go home to face it?

When I feel like I have too many things, I start to look around and decide what I can subtract from my life. I don’t have the time or energy to sell on Ebay or Craigslist, so I donate to my favorite charity. Once I give away the “stuff”, I feel like a load has been lifted.

So much of what we keep is stuff we no longer use or need, like old kitchen appliances, books we have finished and don’t plan to reread, old clothes, and even gifts we don’t really like or use.¬†

What if you could subtract from your clutter and do a good deed while you are at it?

It is so important to take stock of your own happiness, versus the dollars and cents approach: “I could get $20 for this,”. Maybe you could, but only after a lot of your valuable time and effort has gone into it. I suggest that you value your time and the health of your environment by culling the things around you that give you angst and giving them to someone who may really need it and an ¬†organization that may really need the funds.

What things in your home need to be subtracted for your own well-being?

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  1. shakn-n-stird answered: Jewelery! Gave a lot to goodwill once I realized I barely used most of mine. Gave some of the more precious pieces to relatives :)
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