How to Make Life a Little Easier

I love flowers, but I don’t like the cost, the mess and the waste when they die, so I bought some fake peonies, which look beautiful. I put them in a pretty vase with some moss and voila, I have flowers year round!

This is just one way that I make my life easier. I have other ways in which I simplify my life.

I own a Swiffer, a Dustbuster and a mop with a flat washable cover that cleans hard to reach spots. When I want to a quick clean, I vacuum (invest in a good one with bags: cuts down on dirt flying all over the place when you empty it), use my Swiffer and Swiffer duster, the Dustbuster is for the corners of my house that my vacuum won’t reach and I mop with no water on my hard wood floors with Method floor cleaner. It smells like almonds. No muss, and no fuss.

I also get my groceries delivered by Peapod. I live on the third floor of a walk up and I don’t have a car, so this is an excellent solution. They bring your groceries, toiletries and whatever else you need, right to your door.

As I said, I don’t own a car. This is sometimes a pain, but it’s much cheaper to take public transit and I live in a city, so it’s pretty easy to get around.

When I want to send someone a card on a particular date, I use Punchbowl. I have a free address book with my free account and the cards are beautiful. I don’t always have time to make a card, or go to the store to buy one in time.

These are just a few ways that I make my life easier and more carefree. What are your ideas for simplifying your life?

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