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Creative bookshelf organizing via Real Simple

Handbag Insert: The easiest way to change bags

Hey Ladies! You have lots of bags and purses…Wouldn’t you like to be able to just pull out an insert and plop it in another bag?

In seconds you are ready to go out the door and hit the town running with another glamourous bag on your arm. Just put your essentials into the insert and then move it from purse to purse.


Shop Your Closet Before You Shop at a Store

Happy New Year, Everyone!

One basic way to avoid clutter in your closets, is to take an honest inventory of your closet. Go through your clothes and get shopping. I’m sure there are things in your crowded closet that you have forgotten about entirely. There are gems and dunces in your inventory. Toss the dunces and keep the gems. Find your favorite charity and make their day!

Shop In Your Own Home to Declutter

Often, when I work with clients, and even sometimes in my own life, I buy something new, when I already own it. I’m talking about things as mundane as tape, Qtips, and lip gloss. 

Before shopping at the store, take stock of what you have. The best way to do this is to take everything out of a cabinet and take stock. It could be in your pantry, your bathroom, or closet. Often, you will find duplicates, or near duplicates of something you already have. Those duplicates can be labeled and stored, or tossed, so you can better find the things that you need. Maybe you only really like one of five mascaras. You can toss the rest.

Organize Your Desktop!

In order to organize your desktop, you need a few good tools to help you on your way. If you have a place for everything, it will make it less cluttered and easier to find things.

For starters, perhaps you have a lot of magazines, or journals that you need handy. The first step is to get rid of anything you haven’t read, and probably won’t read ever. Then get some pretty magazine holders, like these from the Container Store:

or these:

You may also have a lot of odds and ends on your desk, like pens, a stapler and paper clips. Use something like this to help clear the desktop. Don’t forget to toss out any pens or other objects that you no longer use.:

Some things can also be put in drawers with dividers to keep them neat. These are custom drawer dividers that you can make any size you want to suit your needs.:

Next, you have all of these papers on your desk. Bills, important papers, but you can barely see your desktop. Try using on of these. Put only your action items here and file the rest.:

The most important thing you can have is a good filing system, that is well labeled and that is not so overstuffed that you can’t get at your papers:

Lastly, you need a good place to post things that you want at eye level. Magnetic boards are a great solution. This one combines being a magnetic board with dry erase and it’s pretty too.:

These are just some tools to get you started. The most important thing is to use them. You’ll be much happier when your desk is clear and organized.

A To Do List That Really Works

An Advanced To Do List

I use a free application called Remember the Milk. It also has an app for the iPhone. It’s incredibly useful. I can create customized lists for what I have to do. It allows me to set due dates and also the priority of the task at hand. It is much easier for me to just look at my phone to see what I have to do, than to carry around a tattered piece of paper.

I update it all of the time, because I am a busy person and it helps me tremendously. For example, when I have to travel, I make a customized list for what I have to do to get ready.

Try it out and let me know if you like it. What do you think of Remember the Milk?

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We’ve all been there. You waited until there were piles of dishes in the sink and a zillion bills and piles of laundry to do.

What if, every day you did just enough to keep those piles manageable?

I find that when i pick up a little every day, my “major” cleaning days aren’t so bad. Try to carve out a little time for each task. For example, take 10 minutes to put away the clean dishes and throw the dirty ones in the dishwasher. take another 10 minutes and pay a few bills. Throw one load of laundry in the washer and when that’s done and you can throw it in the dryer, do one more load. While you’re waiting for that to finish you can put away a few things that are lying about on the floor (10 minutes tops).

You’ve accomplished a lot in only a few minutes! Think how much easier your week would be if you did just a  little every day?

These are some design solutions that I thought were pretty, innovative and attractive.

The Junk Drawer: Solutions

We’ve all got a drawer with miscellaneous stuff in it, that at some point got out of control. The only cure for this is to find a specific place for these little things that have accumulated. One very helpful solution is to put a drawer organizer in. It will give you compartments to put stamps, paper clips, pens and the like, so they aren’t just swimming around in a pile:

Axis Junk Drawer Organizer, Natural Wood

Expandable Drawer Organizer, Chromed Steel

Made Smart Housewares Junk Drawer Organizer Tray

These are just three out of a plethora of options you can find online and in stores like Target and the Container Store.

Nevertheless, it takes more than a drawer organizer to tame an unruly drawer. It takes editing. Go through your pens and see if they still work. If they do, move some of them to your desk, or store them in a box that has extra office supplies. The same can be said for surplus tape, extra scissors, and other doodads that can be stored until you need to replenish the supply.

It’s very time consuming to go through a drawer and not find what you are looking for, so it is a good exercise to go through these junk drawers from time to time and be ruthless. Turn your junk drawer into an organized drawer!