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Handbag Insert: The easiest way to change bags

Hey Ladies! You have lots of bags and purses…Wouldn’t you like to be able to just pull out an insert and plop it in another bag?

In seconds you are ready to go out the door and hit the town running with another glamourous bag on your arm. Just put your essentials into the insert and then move it from purse to purse.


How to Get a Messy Purse Under Control

You’ve had it! You can’t find a darn thing in your purse because there is so much stuff in it: 3 lip glosses, 7 pens, wallet, a pound of change, old receipts, trash, lotion, sanitizer, random business cards, a book, another book and so on.

It’s time to reign all that junk in and be able to find things again.

1. Take it all out!

Remove everything from your purse and place it on a clean surface. Now the work begins.

2. Throw out the trash

Take all of those old receipts and little scraps of paper and toss them out.

3. Only the Essentials

Put away anything you don’t need every day. Leave yourself one lip gloss, instead of three. You need your wallet, phone, keys, a book and a pen. Anything else is just clutter. If you have a mini hand lotion or hand sanitizer put those in side pockets.

4. If you have a lot of purses…

If you have a lot of purses and you change them every day, go to the container store and get one of these handy purse organizers (The Container Store has several to choose from):

Now you can find the essentials in your purse!