"Jessica single-handedly pulled me out of a disorganization hole. I was so impressed that she came with an action plan, yet was flexible and respectful of my needs. She was professional and in control throughout the process. Now I can work from home without feeling like I have to escape. Highly recommended."

- Jennifer Sodini

"My experience with Pixel Peony was really amazing.  When I scheduled, Jessica asked me a few questions so that she could personalize her organization service and she gave me a list of supplies that we would need in order to get my office organized.  She arrived with a work plan in hand, that she went over with me before we started.  Jessica is very hands on and made me feel very involved in the process without actually having to do much work myself (which was exactly what I was looking for).  Without judgement, but with humor, care, and ease, Jessica helped us go through our books, organize our crap, and get all of our papers in order.  We continued at my pace and stopped when I had enough of organizing (because really, disorganized people can only do that for so long).  Following the organization, Jessica talked with me about how to maintain my organization. It was an incredible experience and I plan on continuing to use Pixel Peony for all of my future personal organization needs."

-Kristy B.

"Jessica came into my apartment and cut right to the chase. She obviously knew exactly what she was doing and had a system set in place. I consider myself an organized person but she made small changes I would never think of that made a world of difference in simplifying my life. Thanks Jessica! I can’t stop telling all my friends about you." – Karen

"I met Jessica off her NPN ad – and wanted to post a recommendation. I had a list of things I had been trying to do every weekend – it was great to get them off the list. She was flexible and easy to work with. For me she – helped with the CD to all digitial transition, planted my flowers, install the Wii and learned to use it and ordered additional necessary parts, and worked through computer issues I never addressed.” - R.

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
“I hired Jessica to assist me in organizing my condo. We’ve tackled everything from clothing to closets to paperwork. She has been great during the process. We’ve had two sessions and each time I’ve been amazed at how much we accomplished. I’m looking forward to our next session.” - Mindi Terrell

Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, High Integrity
“My experience: Jessica was just what I needed. She was extremely focused, punctual, and in tune to my needs and desires, even if I couldn’t actually verbalize them! She broke down a huge monster of a project into small, simple, clear tasks, and put it all in order. She went with the flow when unexpected events arose, and stayed to help until it was all under control. I will call upon her again, knowing her vast and diverse abilities. A great deal too!” - Michelle Dwoskin

“Jessica has a great passion for what she does. She always tries to keep the client’s perspective in mind when she creates things, and our collaberation resulted in designs that hit our target goals time after time.” - Rob Steetz

“Jessica came to my home and helped to get me organized for the new year. She did a great job with little direction from me and made my house a better, more organized place to be! I would highly recommend her and her services. I was very pleased and will use Jessica again soon!” January 20, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value

1st Melinda Kelly 
hired Jessica as a General Contractor in 2012

“WoW! I cannot recommend Jessica’s organizing skills enough. She’s incredibly task oriented, combining tough love with compassion. She helped to make my house a home once again!” January 19, 2012

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

1st Ann Meehan 
hired Jessica as a Personal Organizer in 2012